A man who earned 1.7 million dollars by listening to his wife's words was found guilty of fraud.

A man in America has earned 1.7$ million by listening to his wife. Vut he is facing fraud and cheating charges for it.

who earned 1.7 million dollars by listening to his wife's

The US Securities and Exchange Commission, which is responsible for preventing business manipulation in the United States, has accused a man of illegally profiting 1.7 million dollars by listening to his wife's business conversations.

The commission says Taylor Lowden's wife is employed by BP, one of the world's largest oil companies, and works from home. According to him, Lowden overheard his wife talking during a business conversation that BP was going to acquire 'Travel Centers America'. After receiving this information, Lowden bought shares in the company.

The commission says that this information was confidential at the time and was not part of public information.

According to US law, when a person buys and sells shares of a public company based on information that is not available to the public and makes a profit from it, it falls under the category of fraud in the stock market.

Lowdens wife is one of the managers of BP's integration department and was involved in the project to integrate 'Travel Centers of America' into BP.

According to the monitoring agency, before news of BP's deal with TravelCenters America was published, Lowden bought 46,450 shares of TravelCenters without his wife's knowledge.

After the deal was announced between the two companies, Travel Centers' share price rose 71 percent. Later, Lowden sold all the shares he had bought at a huge profit.

After facing an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission about the profit, Lowden admitted to buying the shares from his wife.

He told his wife that he wanted to earn enough money so that his wife would not have to work long shifts. However, his wife informed her boss at BP about her husband's admission of the stock purchase.

BP found no evidence that Lowden's wife had provided information about BP's contract with travel centers to her husband, yet she was fired.

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Lowden's wife has filed for divorce.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission says Lowden has pleaded not guilty to the charges and has agreed to pay a fine.

Lowden could also face criminal charges, and jail time if convicted.