Missing prime minister former-police officer who headed a gang and thousands of criminals on the run: A country ruled by lawlessness.

80 percent of the capital of the Latin American country of Haiti is occupied by various gangs. That is armed groups. While thousands of prisoners have been released as a result of the attack on prisons by the operatives of these armed groups. Gang leaders are openly threatening the Prime Minister of the country and demanding his resignation.

Missing PM Ex-Police Officer Who Headed A Gang

On the other hand the Haitian government has declared a three-day state of emergency in the country after armed groups attacked a large prison in the country on Sunday. At least 12 people were killed in the attack on the prison and more than 3,700 inmates managed to escape.

On the other hand, the situation is that the Prime Minister of the country. Ariel Henry, is currently unknown.

Haitian armed groups currently control about 80 percent of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and gang violence has affected the entire country for years.

The scenes emerging from Haiti are shocking for the whole world.

Here we look at how armed groups are taking control of large parts of the country's capital and other regions.

Armed groups have long played a bloody role in Haiti's history.

Haiti was ruled by Fran├žois Duvalier and his son Jean-Claude for 29 years. During this 29 year period of dictatorship. A paramilitary force called the Tonton Macoutes was formed whose task was to crush any opposition to Fran├žois. This paramilitary force used violence unreservedly to maintain the dictatorship and eliminate the opposition.

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Although Jean-Claude was forced into exile in 1986, various armed groups continue to exercise varying degrees of power. At times he was protected and encouraged by politicians with whom he was allied.

But in recent years, a wave of violence erupted when President Juvenal Moisi was assassinated on 7 July 2021, and the country's blood market was heated by gangs.

Violence increased after the death of the president

Haiti's president was shot dead by a group of Colombian mercenaries at his home after he began denouncing the 'dark forces' within Haiti.

Although the assailants used in the assassination have been arrested, the investigation into the assassination of the president has not yet revealed who ordered the assassination of the president.

Gang violence was also on the rise under President Moisi, but the power vacuum created by his killings allowed these gangs to seize more territory and become more influential.

Since then, not only is the office of the President vacant, but due to repeated delays in holding parliamentary elections, the terms of all elected officials have expired and the country's institutions are in disarray.

Since the assassination of President Moisi, the country has been ruled by Ariel Henry, but he has not been publicly elected.

President Moisei named Ariel Henry as his Prime Minister shortly before his assassination. And because he was appointed to the post rather than being elected, some are questioning his legitimacy.

Since then, opposition to Ariel Henry has been growing as the elections he promised did not materialize.

All of this has been accompanied by increased insecurity, which has forced millions of Haitians to flee their homes.

The prime minister's biggest critic

One of Mr. Henry's biggest critics is Jimmy Charizier. He was a former police officer and became a gang leader after being kicked out of the police force.

They are also known as Barbecue. The ex-policeman leads an organization of armed groups called G-9  This organization is a coalition of nine criminal gangs formed in 2020. He is said to have links with former President Moisi's political party.

Barbecue has been opposing Prime Minister Henry since the beginning.

They use the killing of Moses to incite their followers to violence and call it 'justified violence.

From then on, brutal attacks and looting began in the capital, Port-au-Prince, and particularly in areas where Jimmy Cherisier gang had influence.

In October 2021. Ariel Henry was stopped from laying a wreath at a memorial when Jimmy's gang members suddenly arrived and opened fire with heavy weapons.

Among the men of his gang, Jimmy, dressed in a bright white suit, came forward and laid a wreath at the monument. It was an extraordinary display of his power.

His G-9 gang has also been in a bloody war with their rival gang G-Peep for a long time.

Shootings and battles between the two groups are common in the area and have spread from poor neighborhoods to the center of Port-au-Prince.